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Axel F (Up Yours Crazy Frog) Axel F (Up Yours Crazy Frog)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear me, it's come again!

The original "Axel F" that nobody seems to know shit about (Harold Faltermeyer, for those who are too dumbassed to realize some annoying-as-hell ringtone harvester could never some up with an idea like that without basing it off someone else's work), was and still remains one of my favorite songs, long before this purple frog rose to fame, or even creation. So I do salute this amazing arrangment of a classic song without the vocals. There is a difference between an arrangment vs a ruining, and the adding of those terrible vocals to a terriffic song didn't do poor Harold's work any justice at all. Damn crazy frog. Damn him to an explosively smelly hell.

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